It’s all about your gut! You may think our gut is all about digestion and instinct, but truth be told, our gut plays a rather important and complex role in influencing our health. You’d be surprised that gut health is linked to numerous aspects that have no connection with digestion at all.
Hence, our goal is to provide a range of health products that are:



Evidence based

All in the name of your gut
YourGutt’s products are formulated with Life Faxtor™, a fermented rice bran powder that contains beta-glucan, fibres, and minerals that can improve your gut and your overall health.

Thus, this makes YourGutt the first in Asia to have complete-biotics – prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotics, that not only taste good, but also makes you feel good!




Why YourGutt™?

Fairly Allergen-free

Allergic to nuts, soy or lactose? Don’t worry, We Got Your Bac! We strive to come up with products that are natural, hypoallergenic, and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Scientifically formulated

No more he says, she says, they says! It’s all about what science says. We formulate and produce products that are backed with scientific evidence. To ensure the best results for you, we are constantly researching for the next best thing with various scientist, healthcare professionals so don’t worry, #WeGotYourBac!

Complete-biotics system

Having the complete-biotics, we created a synbiotic product that consumers are able to get the best from the triple-biotics! – prebiotics that help growth of good bacteria, probiotics and postbiotics that improve your digestion and gut microbiome. Together with fibres and beta-glucan, yourgutt helps build the foundation of a healthy immune system.

Why is gut health
so important?

Researchers found that gut health is closely connected to many other parts of us. Having indigestion, diarrhea, constipation etc, could affect a person’s immune system, mood, and may even cause acne breakouts! Want to know more? We have an article section all about your gut.


Doing our part for the planet

Everyone plays a role in making our planet a better place, hence, we strive to formulate more sustainable products by sourcing for ingredients that have minimal impact on our planet without sacrificing quality.

The Best of


Boost Immunity

Improve Gut Health

Aid in Digestion

Improve Mood

Blood Sugar



Lactose &
Dairy Free


The best of YourGutt can be found in a cute sachet that is yummy to your tummy. Have a look on what we have in-store for you.