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Probiotic for the pandemic : How gut microbiomes influence immunity and covid’s severity?


January 21, 2021

Your gut and its ecosystem

Your gut microbiomes, which are good bacterias found in your gut, play an important role in your body. With the combination of prebiotics, which are food for your gut microbiome, can help in reducing gastric, constipation, diarrhea, improve bowel movement, and balance the gut microbiome. Little did we know, your gut microbiome and probiotics could play a huge part in the pandemic. During this pandemic outbreak many researchers are finding treatment and prevention methods for COVID-19. One of the studies found that gut microbiome and probiotics actually play an important role in influencing your immune system, which is extremely important during a pandemic. 

So how does our gut microbiome and probiotics affect our immune system during COVID-19?

So how does our gut microbiome and probiotics affect our immune system during COVID-19? Probiotics found in our gut microbiome are able to regulate our immune system (immunomodulators). If there is an imbalance in gut microbiome (dysbiosis) or lack of gut microbiome, immune system biomarkers are lower, more susceptible to inflammation, and have signs of cell damage in body compared to those with healthy gut microbiome, based from a COVID-19 study in Hong Kong.

Furthemore, they also found that COVID-19 patients have imbalance in the gut microbiome and the severity of COVID-19 corresponds with the level of gut imbalance. Meaning, those with poorer gut health would have more severe COVID-19 symptoms and require more medical attention to those with slight imbalance gut microbiome. What makes everything worse is that COVID-19 patients will develop dysbiosis/ gut imbalance as it progresses, meaning that they would have more severe symptoms and have harder time to recover. Even after a patient is healed from the virus infection, the gut microbiome remains unhealthy.

In summary

However, this study does not define that probiotic is the sole and effective measure to prevent COVID-19. More research about gut microbiome and COVID-19 are still required. However, one thing is certain is that the gut microbiome does influence our immune system and having a healthy gut microbiome is able to strengthen our immune system. Hence, consuming prebiotic and probiotic may be the best to go. 

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Melvin T

Melvin T

Graduated from UCSI University with BSc (Hons) in Nutrition with Wellness, Melvin decided to venture into research & development with past experiences in clinical setting, food service, and retail pharmacy. His goal is to formulate health products that are scientifically driven and culturally acceptable.

Furthermore, he is passionate in the science and art of preventing diseases and health education. Hence, he took the role as community nutritionist to advocate primary health care to the community.

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